Monday, March 28, 2011

Little Thoughts

Crap, two whole months without a post. That's pathetic. Well, rather than bore you with one really long post, I've decided to bore you with a semi-long post comprised of really short snippets. Enjoy!


Since my last post was about my running achievements from last year and goals for this year, I might as well start with an update about that. I'm pleased to say I'm doing rather well. Karen and I have started running together on the weekends, which works surprisingly well. We go to Memorial Park, which has a 2.92 mile circuit. She runs at a much slower pace, so she and I and the puppy go around once together. Then I take the puppy and go around again while she relaxes and reads. This helps me moderate my pace, plus gives me my long run for the week. I've already logged 60 miles running this month, which is a new high for me. This experience has made me much more confident in my long running ability, and I'm eager to run my first 10K next month.

Wisteria Hysteria

Yesterday was yard work day. Aside from the usual lawn care, I had the special task of taming a wild plant-beast in our backyard. If you're not familiar with it, wisteria is a vine-like plant with pretty purple flowers and a nice fragrance. Normally, this plant is trained to grow vertically on a pergola to provide shade and a pleasing view. Unfortunately, when left alone, it spreads like an evil virus.

It had dozens of tendrils, each extending for at least 15 feet along and under the ground. It was a major task getting it under control. The reason I felt like mentioning it here is because of the weird difficulty in removing it. It was actually rather complicated. The network of roots and vines were very like the wiring in a complex bomb. I had to trace each one to the source, sometimes having to remove a different one before I could remove the first. And after I had removed many smaller root clusters, each one containing plenty of challenges themselves, I was finally able to tackle the big one. I hacked and cut and dug and swore. I attacked side roots to weaken the main root. I dug around it to get different angles of attack. And when I finally defeated it, I felt exactly the same satisfaction I feel after defeating a particularly gnarly big boss in a video game. "Game Over, Wisteria-Man! I've rooted out your evilness."

Apples and Oranges

Speaking of plants, here's something else. I actually posted this somewhere completely different a while ago, but I amused myself enough that I'm repeating it here. I really don't get the whole "It's like comparing apples and oranges" phrase. Those are two very comparable things-- they're both fruit, grow on trees, mostly round, often found in Christmas stockings. One can easily compare them: I like apples more than oranges because you don't have to peel them. I like oranges better than apples because they are sweeter. It just doesn't make sense to me. If you really wanted to negate a comparison, shouldn't the objects be as disparate as possible? "That's like comparing apples and sheet music" or "That's like comparing John Boehner and oranges." Okay, maybe that last one doesn't work, but I think you see my point.

Whedon World

I've been enjoying the series Dollhouse on Netflix lately. I really like how it is a "sex and violence" show that really plays with deeper sci-fi concepts of mind and personality. I'll be sad when I reach the end of its run.

But it got me to thinking how cool it would be if Josh Whedon were able to put together an amusement park like old Walt's place. Of course, a huge portion of the park would have to be dedicated to Sunnydale and Buffy's exploits therein. You could walk the halls of Sunnydale High, hang out at the Hellmouth, or grab a brew at The Bronze. Nearby would be the big city where Angel worked.

Obviously, the most popular section would be The 'Versed, based on the reality created for Firefly. You could have a truly frightening "Reavers of the Caribbean" ride and a full mock-up of Serenity. The best would be a Firefly rollercoaster: lots of ups and downs, but you're forced to get off right when it gets really good.

Lastly, there's the Dollhouse. I'm not exactly sure how this would play out, but it most likely wouldn't be appropriate for children. Do you get to pretend you're a different person, or do you just custom order a person for your own, um, pleasure?

I certainly hope Mr. Whedon keeps creating. I've never had any interest in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but otherwise I think he's produced really excellent stuff. If he keeps it up, maybe someday we really will get a Whedon World.

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